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Our firm brings decades of experience and a proven track record of delivering timely and flexible, capital solutions in complex and opportunistic situations where others simply say “NO”, so long as there is underlying collateral cash flow fundamentals, qualifying controls and exceptional management.

We formed Fast Pass in 2020 and set out to expand on funding alternatives to help small businesses by allowing them a more direct path to restructuring during economic downturns and challenges.  In the fall of 2019, Congress made several changes to the Bankruptcy Code. One of those changes, the Small Business Reorganization Act (SBRA), created a new subchapter of Chapter 11—Subchapter V—providing a simplified, equity-friendly, and potentially less expensive route to bankruptcy reorganization for small business debtors. While no one could have predicted the nature and level of economic uncertainty encountered in 2020, the 2019 SBRA is proving to be a useful tool for struggling small businesses.

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“We found that small businesses were not only succeeding in chapter 11 but were actually AVOIDING filing Chapter 11 altogether. Given the relatively simple capital structure of most small businesses, filing a Chapter 11 all most certainly resulted in a loss of ownership by the very shareholders or interest-holders who had often founded the company and who were the management of the company.” – Robert J. Keach   


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There are 31.7 million main street businesses in USA (500 employees or less) and the Pandemic has negatively impacted a majority of them.


Our team is comprised of experienced credit and risk management professionals and entrepreneurs with a proven record of achievement and execution through multiple credit cycles over the course of three decades. We are highly qualified, focused on sound credit disciplines rooted in safety and soundness and always with an eye forward and capital preservation top of mind.

Helping Small Business Owners Maintain, Thrive & Flourish.

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We are laser-focused on providing capital with a purpose that is aimed at supporting small business America. We have proudly underwrote and agented the closing and funding of over $500 million in Main Street Lending Program loans.

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supporting small business owners

Our geographic footprint is national and focused steadfast on direct principal engagements and situations that once properly capitalized, can empower highly qualified management teams to be successful.

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